Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fuzzy little head

This morning at 7am, after once again too-little sleep, I was woken up by Zeke climbing on me and nuzzling his fuzzy little head on my face. While I would have loved to sleep for another hour or two, if I have to be woken up, this would be in my top 5 favorite ways to be woken up.

That fuzzy little head. Mothers often talk about the smell of babies' heads, and while that is wonderful, it's not the most wonderful thing to me. What I have always loved about Zekie's head is the feeling of his velvety, barely-there hair on my lips and cheeks.

When I am away from him, I can't wait to see him again and nuzzle and kiss the top of his head. When I pick him up, I kiss the fuzziest part of his head on the way to placing him on my hip. When he naps on my chest, I rub my lips against his velvety soft hairline. I just can't get enough of that fuzzy little head!

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